Sunday, July 5, 2015

Phonosychographdisk* vs. Filthy Ape, The ‎– Mooch The Moose: Smack Dealer To The Stars (2001) [Need Some Help On This One]

While rummaging through the HD, I stumbled across a plethora of mp3s running the gamut of the heyday of the 'turntablist' explosion. Tempted to delete like mad as that was most certainly a phase in my life and not somewhere I currently reside I decided to hit play for the final decision.

Good move. Stumbled across this gem so won't be deleting any time soon. Was never an expert nor fully immersed so there is much to discover but this one put the fun back in it and I was at once transported into the past and the present.

However, only Side A and B1 are present. B2 registered as 0 kb in the file and I have been unable to find it anywhere.

Would really appreciate some help on this one if anyone comes across it out there!

A Madame Blavatski Overdrive 16:57
B1 Chinese Opium Addiction 1927 7:12
B2 You're The Only One Around Here Who Knows What Mommy Wants 13:07


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