Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dave Seaman ‎– Renaissance: The Silk Mix (1996)

Digging back, back, back into the archives. Stumbled across this lesser known Renaissance mix by Dave Seaman from the prime of prog house mixes and the glory days of this label. As my daughter stated while listening to this earlier today while giving her that musical education only dads can give: this is 'boutique music'. In other words, it's one step removed from elevator music.

Sigh, such is the nature of music's evolution. If you lived through the days when underground still had some semblance of meaning, this will take you back there. Those memories cannot be stolen, no matter how many documentaries and books are written about what it was like.

Way out of print and on the pricier side in the aftermarket.


  1. Never came across this one before! I'm not even sure there was a commercial release of this which would make it truly super rare. Big fan of this label along with the GU stuff. Thanks.

  2. I had no idea this even existed either until I was virtual digging through some old Renaissance stuff. Discogs states it is a rare promo release, its currently selling for $200 there. Nice to find something from that period of time that I've never heard before!

  3. I own this. It was given out for free one night at renaissance. I think u had to buy a packet of cigarettes. Pretty sure I read that somewhere.