Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RA Podcasts

Ok, so I have the first 200 and a few extra available (but not admitting where they are stored). Any suggestions on how best to offer these to the universe at large?

At 15 GB this is way too large (and way too conspicuous) to upload them all to traditional hosting sites and would take more time than I have available. 

Any sites already h_sting these...?  Pr_vate bl_gs?  


  1. mega, maybe. i just started with them for some flac uploads. i'm getting tired of zippy and the 30 day countdown. i can fill some holes that you don't have, i'm sure. but to be honest, the one podcast that is blowing my mind is Electronic Explorations by Rob Booth. check itunes. that guy is very good. has some connections with autechre. i saw him open for them once. definitely highlighting new talent in the scene. excellent comp too, which i can throw your way. it was easily worth my $10.

    1. hmmm, a sentence was accidentally deleted between "30 day countdown" and "i can fill some holes..." i was saying something about the RA podcasts are pretty fantastic. and that I probably have 95% of 'em. so, if you need any...

      the fact mixes are pretty solid, as well. astrangelyisolatedplace is a treasure too. secretthirteen has some stunning mixes as well.

  2. Love the Fact mixes. Been meaning to compile all those as well. Guess it's the completist in me. And the ASIP mixes are stunning.

    I'll check out the other mix you mentioned. I have a few of those (Rrose and Rod Modell come to mind quickly). Always looking for something new!

  3. Seconded: that Rrose mix is incredible. Electric Deluxe is worth trawling through as well - any site that hosts a Surgeon set is OK by me.

  4. Rrose was at DEMF this year. Didn't notice that until Sunday late. May have made it a point to get there earlier had I known that!

    Great array of artists and mixes at these two sites. Looking forward to diving in.

  5. http://www.electronic-battle-weapons.com

  6. Yes! Forgot about that site. It's gotten even better.

    Just sent an email to see if I can help them complete these series through 200. Would be fantastic if I can contribute.

    Thanks for the link.