Sunday, June 9, 2013


Track 1.  Nothing more needs said.

Over the past decade or so I've started to get the "Detroit" thing in regards to electronic (i.e. 'techno') music.  Having been schooled in Motown since my infancy, the musical legacy of the city is no stranger to me.  However, it is only within the past few years, perhaps driven by DEMF, that the city has gotten its well deserved credit for its contribution to electronic music.

It has also become a frequent place of visitation for me due to my work and, finally, a full musical immersion into the musical soul of the city over Memorial Day has further entrenched the city in my mind. It bears similarities to my hometown on a much smaller scale. There is something about the post-industrial wasteland that mesmerizes me on an intellectual, emotional and philosophical level.

There is so much music it is difficult to know where to start and this album is as good a place as any to take you a little deeper into what makes the city's musical roots so amazing.

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