Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Echospace - Gonna Be A Good Summer

Save your pennies, refinance your house, get a second job...

From the Echospace FB page:

"cv313 "dimensional space" promotions started @ DEMF and thanks to all for the positive feedback. Release date definitively in July (US and EU), will also be released as a 4LP box set scheduled for August. Brock Van Wey's new double CD release coming out in July along with remastered CD editions of the entire deepchord catalog! Also, the last of the deepchord remastered series "13-16" will be released as a triple LP set end of June early July. Intrusion's "The Seduction Of Silence" has been completely remastered with new unreleased material including Intrusion feat. King Midas Sound and out-takes from the album packaged in a 4LP gatefold set due in August. Also proud to announce a new artist to the echospace [air] series and long time friend Matt Thibideau from Toronto who's produced a beautiful ambient composition that quite literally took us someplace else featuring a cv313 rework. More to come, thank you all for the support!"

Not to mention a planned release of Liumin on vinyl.

Oh, my...

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