Saturday, June 29, 2013

Futur[e]cho 2013

Dropped just in time for my trip!

Futur[e]cho and Futur[e]cho II are phenomenal and this one looks to be too.  Just check out the tracklist:

Coppice Halifax – R³
Dubatech – Cuboid
AXS – Distant Receptor
Ocralab – Dioscuri
Pembls – Xopt
Substak – Dub Walkers
aspect. – varation.
Benbui – Northern Lights
Federsen – Modular Tension
ISA – Akripose Dub
Beezcoop – Ghost Dub
DeepWarmth – Cities of Crystal
sicc – Spatial Formations
G.R.I.T. – And I Always Have [Backyard Sequence]
Fingers In The Noise – Sleeping Sun
Spaceci – Bioluminesences Of A Satellite Religion
Zander One – Sleep Chamber

Free (mp3) or support (FLAC):


See you in a week.

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