Monday, June 24, 2013

astrangelyisolatedplace - Uncharted Places Double Vinyl Compilation

Here's a chance to be a part of something unique and special, a crowd funded vinyl release from A Strangely Isolated Place, one of the best sites for mixes and music releases from well known and lesser known artists. It's a site I strongly endorse and this is a really cool idea.

18 tracks were selected for this release and ASIP took votes as to which 8 tracks would end up on the vinyl. Voting is in and now they need to fund it. The site owner is quite generous so for your contribution you get a pretty remarkable return.

Here are the contribution levels:

$5 will get you a big thank-you on the vinyl artwork.
$15 will get you a thank-you and a HQ download of the full Uncharted compilation – 18 tracks, over two-hours of music.
$20 will get you the above, as well as an exclusive surprise MP3 package prepared by the artists involved, featuring new (even some unreleased) music.
$40 will get you all of the above, and the limited edition double transparent vinyl including an A3 poster.
$60 will get you all of the above plus an Uncharted artwork t-shirt.
$100 will get you all of the above, plus a custom hand-made double CDr. 
Or if vinyl isn’t your thing, for $60 you can get the custom CDr, thank you, HQ downloads and surprise MP3 package.

For the artists featured and the tracklist go:


To get in on this go:


P.S. Get in quick, this one should fund with no problem. I'm scouting the $60 level but had to pause on the 'Go' button as I'm trying to weigh my budget with the Echospace/Deepchord stuff dropping soon as well as scheduled drops from other artists I follow. Hope my discogs listings move quickly!


  1. Thank you so much for the support and the kind words!

  2. Money spent. I would have paid the $100, or the $60 custom cdr deal, but those are gone. I got the vinyl/tshirt package. Thanks for the heads-up. I love that site.

  3. Man, I missed the $60 one. Stuff going on at the moment, can't get the funds in time. Argh!

    Glad you're showing support and yes it is really an amazing site. As far as music sites go it seems to really strike that balance between giving artists their due and benefiting the music fan as well.

  4. Ryan,

    More than happy to show you support. Really, really dig what you do!