Friday, March 7, 2014

Richard Grant - a colourful storm (2012)

Speaking of Alan Lamb...

Stumbled across this mix Richard Grant did recently for the acolourfulstorm label which drops some really interesting mixes. This one has an industrial tinged edge, a little old a little new.

sect - alpha coma 
alan lamb - night passage (detail) 
perc - you saw me (free fife mix by tvo) 
piano magic - music for wasps 
ginormous - the sound of love impermanent 
school of emotional engineering - slicing the skin between my toes! 
lucy - eon 
decree - the last day 
black lung - the brazen cellar stomp 
tuxedomoon - the laboratory part 1 
maninkari - participation mystic 
cabaret voltaire - the arm of the lord

Info and free download 


Don't forget to check out the other mixes available on the site.

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