Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cold Fiction Music

The Cold Fiction Music netlabel has just uploaded a boatload of old releases to their site and also has two new releases out, one of which I am listening to as I type this. 

DJ Deep Warmth - It Happened (2014)

SecondFace - Changes (2014)

The label has been around for a while. Unfortunately, it does not have a feed so I am not able to add it to the sidebar for updates but I thought it deserved highlighting as their releases are always consistently top notch.

For a primer try their Futur[e]cho compilations III or III.

Releases are free but send support if you are able. A list of all the releases can be found

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  1. "Unfortunately, it does not have a feed" here you are:

    Good to see more & more CC releases on your blog!