Thursday, March 20, 2014

redxdye and bluexoranges

You know how you stumble across a blog and it looks interesting but there is no real reason to dig in because there are just so many sites that look interesting and there isn't enough time so we go back to listening to what we already know?

Over the past few months, mostly through the discogs dub techno forum, but slowly branching beyond that through various serendipitous connections, I have stumbled across the people behind the monikers and the music that so enthralls me.

The Red Dye blog is a netlabel which publishes music by a variety of people, perhaps most notably Axs, but others as well, who make dub infused techno and various others varieties of techno.

There are almost 20 releases here, all gratis, and all stunning in their diversity and execution.


A similar project, Blue Oranges follows a similar pattern and showcases a range of artists and musical styles. It's easy to flock around the latest releases by echospace and others who have established a cult following but remember that there are other artists out there who are pushing the envelope and experimenting with sounds.

I created a playlist of nothing but these tracks on my mp3 player and will be looping them for days to get lost in the sounds.


For those interested in Axs and his latest incarnation check out Zwei Kreise.

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