Saturday, April 27, 2013

Underworld Live Tokyo (2005)

I was South of home this past week (probably spent more time in the airport, another adventure...) and completely lost interest in the shuffle. I needed intensive focus to try and read and the shuffle was a distraction.  

Listened to some incredible long players on the trip, that deep dive into an album's passion and it reinvigorated my appreciation for the album. Some of them are here already but hope to provide some "guidance" here for the others.

This was one of them. Been on an UW trip lately - think it's due to the mood elevation - and this is an incredible experience of their sound live for those of us who have never had the opportunity to actually be there.  

Apparently this set goes on sale on their website occasionally, without warning, so until then...


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  1. I just hate to ask for fear of sounding ungrateful for this wonderful post . . . but any chance of a lossless rip of this one? It is so great.