Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LR - BY (2008)

I am amazed that this album is already five years old.  It was one of my first "discoveries" after stumbling into the ES/dub techno universe. It is by far one of the best electronic albums of recent memory.  

Though it gets lumped in as a 'dub' style release, perhaps due to its its absorption in bass, it often feels as if it veers toward a 'pop' sound in its musicality. The song structure is tight and the vocals make it sound as if some of these tracks would not sound out of place on radio.  

With a first album as good as this one, the wait for a second goes on.

Update: Funny thing, the new album just dropped.  You know what to do!



    New Album on its way end of this month. Cheers Paul

  2. Listening now...thank you. You consistently alert me to essential listening.

  3. You're welcome. That is the hope! Look forward to the next release. Thanks for the support.