Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Unprocessed recordings from Burma, Thailand and Laos of dragonflies, cicadas and other insects, an homage to the legend of a cacophonous mating ritual that, for the unsuccessful, causes ecstasy to the point of explosion.

At first you may think that you are listening to Ryoji Ikeda but, when you dive deeper, you'll realize that Ikeda is striving for this sound. Not easy listening but it is quite hypnotic and intoxicating.

Simply amazing.

Due for reissue on vinyl so heads up.


  1. One MUST take LSD and listen to this to really understand it. There can only be a great AWE in response.
    Mushrooms will also work. Do this as soon as you can and I promise you, you will be thankful that you did so.
    You know, if I could, I would open a spa in Sweden where we only play this album after administering LSD. And that would be all we did.
    I would love to find something else like it.
    Could you FLAC this?

  2. Might need some assistance on that little trip if you get my drift.

    May be able to help with the FLAC...send me a P.M.

    This message will of course self destruct soon.