Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution

Of all the music that has crossed my ears over the past few years, the music put out by Demdike Stare has invigorated my love of music again.

Since circa 2007 it had been the "discovery" of Echospace that rekindled a passion for music and I became a dub techno head. As the genre filled up with imitators, duplicators and a safe, comfortable sameness developed with the sound, I noticed my interest waning. No more deep dives into an artist's back catalogue, just an endless repetition of shuffling.  Good to a point but aimless.

Circa 2010 or so, Demdike Stare passed into my hearing.  Much like the guys from Echospace/Deepchord have tentacles that reach deep, so too these guys. The passion has been relit.  

They have a way of putting together disparate sounds and styles and making sense of the sounds they use. They have an affinity for what might be called 'camp' but have a way of reinterpreting it in a way that gives it substance.

From techno to dub to noise without missing a beat they refuse to be pinned down.  Their music, like noise canceling headphones, has a way of calming the overactive brain, music for a post-cultural world.

Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution is one of the side projects from Miles Whittaker, half of the Demdike Stare duo, this one straight up analogue. A few of these tracks ended up on the first release under his other solo moniker Suum Cuique (also essential); his latest release under his own (first) name continues the trajectory.

Long out of print and unavailable digitally, take your brain on a bender.  Good stuff.

Path Of Least Resistance (2008)

Variable Resistance (2009)




  1. please please please re-up these three tracks

  2. please please please re-up these three tracks

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