Friday, May 24, 2013

Ghost in the Sound - DEMF 2013

Will be gone for a few days...

The main reason why:



  1. Enjoy my friend. I would give my left arm to see that extended PA by Deepchord/Echospace. And my right. My right arm. Tell us how it was, or better yet, record it.

  2. Any recommendations for a music capturing device? Not sure a smart phone cuts the cake! ;-)

    Is that your music? Really nice! Glad to give a shout out on the blog if you want.

  3. Well, DpE was last night (or this morning). I hope you were there and you enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing all the details. If I find recordings of it on the net, will send you the links.

    Yes, all that music is mine. Would love and greatly appreciate a shout out on the blog and/or wherever else you feel like shouting. I just make the stuff for the fun of it, so eager to share with whomever cares to listen.

  4. I am jealous that you, Aorto, are at this event!!! And I am happy to see Mr. Bukum making some comments. I had the pleasure of seeing LTJ play around 1995 or thereabouts in Seattle. Time is a bit hazy, but a lot of fun was had.

  5. I have returned...been way too busy since returning to get back here. Argh.

    Incredible weekend, not what I expected, and I mean that in a very good way.

    Details (and some photos) to follow.

    1. we are waiting!! :):):) So looking forward to hearing about it.