Sunday, April 7, 2013


Really torn about this one.  Truly one of my favorite artists of all time (and that's saying a lot), Steven Hitchell, under his Intrusion moniker (along with Variant, the elusive cv313 and his association with ES and DC), has released some of my favorite tracks of recent years.

Not only was his Seduction Of Silence one of the best releases of this century, his reworkings of other well known tracks from the above mentioned back catalogue is amazing.  Whereas Rod Modell brings the "Basic Channel" sound and, more recently, those deep atmospherics lurking in the background, Hitchell brings out the "soul" from the analogue.

Together, the two make amazing music.  But, when left to their own musings, the differences in their styles become clear.  Hitchell brings the "dub" element in its essence and has a way of making the music get deep and, dare I say it, emotional.

This is a sampling of some of the output graced with his deft touch.  As much as I hate to give his stuff away, I also know that once you get your ears around these you'll get it and understand just how good and diverse he really is at his craft.  However, the reality is that in order for artists like him to continue we need to put our money where our ears are and show true support (check out my collection on my discogs page and you'll see I practice what I preach). 

Echospace has a slew of releases dropping recently (including an upcoming announcement regarding DEMF) and this is hopefully a sign of a productive 2013.  They keep evolving and changing the game where others are often content to play it safe and follow.

I really wanted to do a continuous mix of the tracks below, an ultra deep set, but don't have the software or, more importantly, the time.  

Get your headphones out (make sure there is a good bass response) and go swimming.  Deep, deep stuff.


  1. Agreed. Intrusion is sick. Your taste in music is impeccable.

    Here is his RA podcast in 320 kbp/s. Also a Chicago show, but I don't have a Filesonic account and can't grab it.

  2. You're in luck...

    RA podcast in 320. In my opinion, this is still the best dub techno mix I've heard. Stephen actually gave me a shout out for this post on his FB page (which I thought was pretty remarkable).

    Chicago set:

  3. You are a prince (or princess) my friend. Thank you for the links. You know, I thought you posted that RA shows, but could not find it in your archives. So, apologies for directing you to a show that you yourself posted in the hightest possible quality a few months ago. :)

    I just love Intrusion. It is a perfect mix of dub reggae and the Echospace atmospheres. I just sit and wonder how the hell he does it all. Just perfect sound. I wish there were more Intrusion releases out there, but glad to see that you selected some tracks from the Intrusion versions from BvDub's/Brock van Wey's release. I hear that album was remastered and reissued on vinyl. Now THAT I would like to hear.

    Thanks again for a great mix and a great post.