Sunday, November 27, 2011

Francesco Tristano - Not For Piano (2007)

I stumbled across Francesco Tristano during Murcof's FACT mix.

Turns out he's made quite a name for himself at a very young age.

"Tristano is one of the last students at New York’s Juilliard School to complete Bach legend Rosalyn Tureck’s master class. He also studied at the music academies in Brussels, Riga, Paris and Luxembourg as well as the esmuc in Barcelona...

Not for Piano (2007), presented his own compositions as well as versions of techno classics at the piano. Idiosynkrasia, his third album on the label inFinĂ©, recorded at Carl Craig’s Planet E-communications in Detroit, was released to critical acclaim in 2010."

Shows the far reaching effects of electronic music...

Couple of bonuses included here as well.



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