Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rapidshare bye-bye...

After November 28th, all posts on the blog that have links to RS will be under the "delete if inactive" status meaning that if they are older than 30 days with no activity, the files will be deleted.

This will not affect posts within the last year or so as I have generally stuck with MF and MU. Most of the older files are either active enough that this won't happen or they've already disappeared even if the posts remain.

Just send updates if you find anything that needs fixed and I'll do what I can.

Thanks for sticking around!


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  2. edit, yea, made that comment more clear-like... didn't realize it would take another post...

    so, yea, i hear ya. i've been getting emails from rapidshare for the past five months of warnings of deletions. bah, i don't care. i've moved on to mediafire. they're easy, for everybody, but occasionally have corruption issues. have uploaded some large files to megaupload with no problems too.

    by the way. i'm super glad you've been keeping on keeping on. i recall there was a time where you where you were done. we all go through cycles. that said, i'm happy you are ever so more vigilant at this blogging thing than me. good job! i've really dug your posts. thx.