Thursday, November 24, 2011

Carl Craig + Francesco Tristano + Moritz von Oswald

Lately my interests seem to have found a hybrid between dub techno in all its varieties and modern classical.  If you listen closely to the last compilation posted (and follow the link to Murcof's FACT mix) you'll hear a tune by a young wunderkind named Francesco Tristano.

I  stumbled across him through the Murcof mix.  He overtly blends the classical with the club as can be seen by his reworking on piano of Derrick May's "Strings of Life."  He is a member of the group Aufgang, another electronic/classical hybrid with some other classically trained artists, and recently released an EP with Moritz von Oswald reworking his track "Bio."

Does this elevate electronic music?  Does it dilute the classical?  Or is it just the collision of traditional forms opening up new worlds, kind of like splitting the atom?

Not a big fan of labels, tags or other superimpositions on what music is "supposed" to be, I choose the latter.

Couple of posts to come but in the meantime, here's a taste of some of the masters of the form:


  1. Francesco Tristano Schlimé is a classic musician too. He is a specialist in Baroque music. In 2001, Schlimé founded The New Bach Players ensemble, He has also recorded the Goldberg Variations and the French Suites. He won the 2004 Concours international de piano XXe siècle d'Orléans.

  2. Seems it's the same guy! Learn something new every day...