Monday, December 23, 2013

MYRDAL. Netlabel - Take Them Home Compilation (2013)

For those who have been here for a while you know I travel to Mexico for business.  A lot. 18 times since 2011 as matter of fact. This isn't the beach region, it's the region where industrialized cultural artefacts such as Wal Mart, Subway and shopping malls abound.

It's got its perks though. Like time to listen to mass amounts of music that real life doesn't always allow.

The only electronic musician that I know is from Mexico is Murcof, including the Nortec ('norteña' + 'techno') Collective. Unfortunately the people I see when I'm down there are also working stiffs like me so it's been difficult to penetrate any type of electronic music scene. They are into the regional music ('banda') and mainstream American radio. All fine and dandy except I know there's gotta be an underground scene there somewhere.

I've been doing a deeper dive (my Spanish is horrible which really prevents me from getting too deep) and have lately been stumbling across some wins. Trying to zero in on the northern area, Monterrey in particular. I'm getting close.

The Myrdal netlabel is a Mexican label that has recently offered up a compilation of artists from around the world, some on their label, some not. I'm listening to it as a type and its very diverses and very good. There is new music everywhere. 

Turn off your radio and join the virtual digging adventure that awaits.

Info and free download


  1. nice dubs on this compliation from Mexico: ¡Invasión DUB! Vol.1, more reggae than techno, can dropbox you if you want a taste :-)

  2. Also, on a different tip, check out Celso Piña, he's from the Monterrey area and the cumbia sound leavens the dub bread:

  3. Hey, thanks for that. I will definitely check him out.

    Will let you know about a dropbox of the other comp you mentioned. Sounds like a good one as well. Muchas gracias!

  4. I recently discovered White Visitation, from Mexico City. Really dig his kind of electronic music. He's on Bandcamp: and his debut EP sounds good to me :) (via this interview

  5. Just checked out White Visitation. Nice! Thanks for the recommendation.