Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some Scary Sh*t Right There

Popped up on my shuffle this evening.

Thought of this immediately, one of those images that has haunted me since childhood. And they say movies don't affect us.

Inspiration perhaps? Check out the deconstruction of this familiar theme in Track 4.

Then I listened to it and thus the title of the post. In a very good way.


  1. Such an excellent, excellent album. Great to see your post. The first image that I thought of when I saw the cover was the horrible image from Abu Ghraib of the prisoner with the electrical cables attached to his fingers, sheet over his head, and blindfolded. Although I certainly prefer your interpretation. Horror movies are more easy to stomach than the real thing.

  2. Hey, great to hear from you. Haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well with you.

    Man, you hit that one spot on. Revisited the image you mentioned and forgot just how horrible that whole thing is/was. You are right about that, scarier than any horror movie.