Sunday, February 7, 2016

ODrex Music - Twin Peetz and Moolsaasa

I continue to stumble across two artists whose music stands out from the din of dub/techno music that seems so omnipresent these days: Twin Peetz and Moolsaasa. It was the Broken Ventilator remixed album that started me on my way.

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Founded in 1994 by Twin Peetz, the ODrex Music netlabel is a treasure trove of musical adventure both for these two artists and, lately, more artists finding their way onto the roster.

A great intro to the label is the Indecent Exposures compilation currently on their Bandcamp page but they have various sublabels as well as many older releases to be found in the archives.

You can find Indecent Exposures here to get you started at a 'Name Your Price' offering. Show some love but get it while the gettings good as more and more of these sites are starting to monetize (rightfully so, especially when the music is good).

Info & Link