Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dark Ambient of 2014 (Cryo Chamber)

Doing some work at home today that requires uninterrupted focus and since everyone is out of the house for a while I can put the mp3 player on and let it go. I am in no particular mood so put it on the shuffle. A few hours in and I find myself drawn toward the music that is playing and it picks up my mood perfectly.

As most of the shuffle has been jumping from classical to classic trip-hop to gospel to ambient to everything in between there is a sudden sustaining 'tone' to the music that slowly draws me. I walk over to see what it is and it's this mix that I've been sitting on for quite some time.

I'm not a fan of the tag (or tags in generally, really) of 'dark ambient' due to what it is often meant to imply. It's just a different shade on the spectrum.

Cannot recommend this mix enough as it's a great intro to their catalogue. Make sure that you are able to focus for the full hour and a half of the mix or you'll miss out.

Check it out

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