Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bedrock Original Series

Desyn Masiello - OS_0.1 (2004)

Jonathan Lisle - OS_0.2 (2005)

Luke Fair - OS_0.3 (2005)

From John Digweed's Bedrock label this series was designed to showcase new artists.  I first came to these through Jonathan Lisle's mix and to this day his remains one of my favorite mixes with samples from Blade Runner, Pink Floyd and Baraka scattered throughout.

Unfortunately only these three releases came to see the light of day in the series. The names Luke Fair and Desyn Masiello rose to some popularity in the mid 2000s. 

Jonathan Lisle never really got quite the same traction and he ended up back in the legal profession from what I recall. I have a few of the mixes from his old website at a low bit rate ripped onto CD somewhere and he did release a series of EPs in 2011.  Seems he might be trying to make his way back into making music.

While perhaps not the most memorable knock you out of your headphones mixes they are solid and worth a spin.


  1. great post, 3 really good mixes. he (jonathan lisle) did a free mix cd for DJ magazine a few years back called 'the art of modern mixing' that is brilliant and something i still listen to regularly

    well worth tracking down.