Monday, August 26, 2013

astrangelyisolatedplace - Five Years Mix (2013)

Truly one of the best music sites on the entire web. This is what a music web site should be. I have gladly donated but unfortunately did not have the finance to pick up the vinyl release when it was offered a few months ago (and am kicking myself for that now...). 

What an amazing thing, to have a site where artists contribute tracks solely and uniquely for that site. Highest quality in all aspects.
"Sometime within the last three years, you made the decision to contribute and donate to ASIP and for that I am eternally grateful. Many of you submitted track choices to be included in this mix and I did my best to make it into something enjoyable. I realise some of you didn't get the chance to submit a track, due to a multitude of reasons i'm sure, but this mix is dedicated to all those who were generous enough to stump up some cash to help ASIP become what it is today. Without you, ASIP wouldn't be half as enjoyable as it is today."
I contributed a recommendation that made it to the final mix so am pretty pumped about that.

Do what you can to support this site (and other sites like this).

You can find the mix and a host of other musical goodness


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  1. Thank you for your continued support and kind words it means a lot! :-)