Sunday, July 21, 2013


Been a traveling fool lately. No complaints though, believe me. With a daughter living at home with twins on the way and with things on the job bordering on insane let's just say I am grateful for a break in the routine. Not only is it time away but what a great time to actually do a deep dive on the 8,655 songs on my m3 player.

On the way home I was put in first class. Have never flown first class before. I see why people do it. Space! Leg room and room in the seat. I turned down a free meal because I am so used to them offering things only if you have a credit card. And when they brought the hot wash towel afterwards I didn't even know what to do with it. As Laozi says: "What a fool am I!" 

In general I am familiar with most of the tracks in these shuffle mixes but there are always some gems that pop up that provide that thrill that comes with a new discovery. This was the three hour leg from DTW to MTY. Couple of long players but it started with a Detroit track and ended with a Herb Alpert track and seemed the appropriate bookend to this leg of the journey.


P.S. Optional cover art below from the local Monterrey weather channel playing in the airport: 

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