Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey Ladies

Just a quick compilation of various tracks containing women whose music has changed my life in some fashion or other.

Many of these were a part of some catharsis, especially the older, more traditional songs with lyrics. You'll notice a progression from the traditional song structures into the world of electronic music, specifically the more 'euphoric' variety.

I fell in love as these vocals rose about the music into that mysterious blissful ether that only trance inducing electronic music can do. Jan Johnston's cry of 'can't you hear me calling...' sent me to a place I'm not sure I could ever reach. And yet every time I hear the song it takes me there.

Such is the vividness of the imagination when impacted by music.

Sorry for the cheesy cover art. Couldn't quite find what I was looking for...


  1. Amazing compilation !

    Thank you very much, greetings from Greece.

  2. Have you heard Jarbo singing "Speak to me only with thine eyes" on the album (if i remember correctly) Children of God, by the Swans?

  3. I have not heard that track. I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!