Monday, September 16, 2013

Vytis - Deepchord Avenue (2013)

Not sure if this is a tribute to Deepchord (with a name and sound like this how could it not be?) but it seemed a fitting drop on the day that the echospace bandcamp page went live.

Hard to stand out in the dub techno universe when any knob twiddler skilled with Ableton can drop some chord progressions and bass lines and call it dub techno but every so often an artist rises above the din. Vytis is one of them. Every release he puts out is quality and he continues to refine his craft. 

This from the Cold Tear Records label, one of the best dub techno netlabels out there, run by label owner Giriu Dvasios, who, like Vytis, comes highly recommended. 

Info and download


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  2. Man, that sure didn't take long...