Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Massive Remixed

The past few years have seen reissue after reissue and remastering upon remastering of albums (even going full retro on vinyl) from this period of time. Even from artists who had all but disappeared are emerging with new albums. It's the new classic rock. This musical trajectory meets the definition of a juggernaut and Massive Attack is but caught in the maelstrom. Don't get me wrong, MA is awesome. Just listen to their music.

But let's face it, they have become a serious profit center, preying on that nostalgic vein of those still basking in the glory days of the 90s and wealthy enough to afford this stuff (and it is, after all, the stuff that we are paying for). The 90s are now it.

The electronica thing which emerged from the underground and began to pick up momentum in the 90s is now ubiquitous and, as with anything popular, far too often derivative. I recognize 90s gems in car commercials (and we're not talking Volkswagen here). My age group is now in the corporate world and is feeding viewers their nostalgia recontextualized for material gain. Irony indeed.

So, in honor of the latest limited edition get it now so you can sell it later offer from VF, here are a few hidden gems buried in the other "sold out already marked up and overpriced" offerings.

P.S. Don't sleep on this one either.

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