Sunday, April 20, 2014

Zander One - Echoate and Echonine

Really excited about this one. For those who may not be fully aware, Brian Grainger (aka Coppice Halifax, among many others) has easily become one of my favorite musicians of dub techno but also those hinterlands where labels and genres morph into pure sound and mood. His output is prolific but is always top quality.

Over the course of a few releases some remixes from an artist that goes by the name of Zander One caught my ear. I originally thought it was another Grainger alias but it turns out that it's a musician from my native state (hint: CAK).

Better yet I found his Echoate release issued on Grainger's own Recycled Plastics label. 

Zander One - Echoate (2012)

It's available as a 'Buy It Now' price digitally but also available as a CD with a few bonus Coppice Halifax remixes

Zander One - Echonine (2013)

The follow up to Echoate was Echonine featuring remixes of tracks from the album and non-album tracks by other dub techno mainstays such as Textural Being and DeepWarmth.

It's available as a 'Buy It Now' price digitally available as a collectible CD 

Highest of recommendations to get you started on your journey into the Milieu Music/Recycled Plastics world.

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