Sunday, September 29, 2013


Another artist I discovered through various compilations and remixes, most notably his remix of Mr. Cloudy's "Serenity". It had this haunting, impenetrable ethos to it and I continue to get lost in it every time it plays.

His remixes are prominent on the works of well known dub techno artists such as Mr. Cloudy and Grad_U among others as well as appearing on such important dub techno labels as Entropy Records and ZeECc.

Dubai EP (2010)

Link (insectorama 037)

Out Of The City (2010)


You can also purchase the CD version and support the artist


Soundcloud link


And, in case you want more, here's a teaser compilation of some of his remixes. Check out the originals from which they came, track them down and follow the other artists involved. If you've spent any time here a few of them should look (and sound) quite familiar. It's a glorious journey.


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