Sunday, September 8, 2013

A.P. ‎– The Ghost Sounds Of Everyday Life

Ok, so I came home from The Big D to find this in my mailbox. For those who have been here for a while you should recognize the name Anders Peterson. I stumbled across his works back around 2008 on the Shapes and Phases compilation when I began a full immersion into the dub techno universe. I had that comp on repeat and was always blown away by the tracks under his moniker Relaxpych.0 and 00.

Not sure when I first reached out to him via email but I have been in communication with him ever since. I have purchased most every release from him directly and the Discogs entry on his mastering work is currently at 15 pages. Everything he works on is a touchstone to the deeper musical world.

A few months ago I had asked him about another release of his that was listed as scrapped at the last minute. He informed me he was working on a limited edition vinyl box set that would include these tracks and some other rarities and outtakes and asked if I would be interested. As you can imagine, I most certainly was.

I can tell you that as much as the old model of music distribution is crumbling, new opportunities are being created for both musician and music fan alike. Without a hint of braggadocio, this is one of six copies produced. It is one of the prize jewels in my collection and would never have come about in the "old model" of music distribution.

So I am grateful to Anders for producing this beautiful work of art and highly recommend you check out not only his music but his 15 pages of mastering credits at discogs.

Get out there, uncover and help be a part of bringing new music to come to be, even if you don't make it.

The Ghost Sounds Of Everyday Life (the link to the discogs entry is at the bottom)



  1. So you give us all the info about how wonderful, brilliant and rare it is, then you leave us knowing we won't ever own it and don't upload a copy for us to hear?
    Great. Well done, thanks for that lol

  2. Thought about that...

    The real point of the post is to emphasize that there are amazing opportunities out there to really connect with artists and help be a part of changing how music comes to be and is passed on to music lovers.

    Echospace did this a few years ago in a forum on Discogs. The interaction between fans and artist led to some releases being issued that may not have seen the light of day otherwise.

    As much as I'd love to share this music, my relationship with the artist prevents me from doing this without his permission.

  3. been enjoying your blog.many thanks from south argentina.