Saturday, April 2, 2016

F – M CDOT G (2013)

There are times in my life when I need noise. A bit cranky this morning, sort of directionless and not sure quite why so was even more irritable. The shuffle was shuffling and nothing was sticking until this one dropped.

It drives those in my house crazy (this is music how?) but for me it is therapeutic, cleansing, dusting off those cobwebs that turn introversion into selfish whining.

This isn't a Merzbow or power electronics kind of noise it's just the sound of analog and machines devoid of human emotion and that may be why it works as therapy.

From the label:

"F – M CDOT G drops 3 tracks of undiluted dark ambient on you. Recorded live at the kitchen table by the two unnamed members of this project, with minimal means and straight to good old cassette tape for that extra hum of ferro chrome. 

The three tracks, named after slight variations in Holland’s gravity field, feature machinery, contact mics, weird phone apps and field recordings and are meant to lull you in a state of mental relaxation. The tracks evoke a dark sci fi imagery of lost planets, eroded space equipment and strange streches of travel where absolutely nothing happens and all sense of time is lost."

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