Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Axamined Life Is Worth Listening

Amazing compilations from some of the most recognized and most 'need to know' names currently making dub techno along with some other varieties of sounds. Quite cutting edge, at a 'Name Your Price' offering.


  1. Looks great! Your link is requiring a encryption key.

    Oh, I have one of the cd's on your Hit List that I want to give you. I'll send you an email about it.


  2. Try the link now. Good stuff underneath.

    Thanks also for the generosity!

  3. Hehe, well, the link to the text works, but the links within require the encryption keys.
    I decided to go to the axaminer bandcamp to download them. they are all pay what you want.
    I think I have something by this record label, but I don't remember what. I recognize the name. I'll check these out next week. Thanks!

  4. LOL. Thanks for the heads up, shoulda looked! They seem to flip flop between free and not. Links updated.

    BTW, you have the correct email. ;-)