Saturday, October 24, 2015

Intrusion ‎– RA.153 (320 kbps) (2009) Re-up

Though this mix was originally shared on RA at 128 kbps, the version here at 320 kbps was not.

Back around 2011 or so, right in the midst of a slew of releases from the echospace [detroit] label  (on which I did invest and still invest silly amounts of cash) that were driven by demand from folks on a discogs dub techno forum this upgrade was dropped, also shared by the label.

If you haven't heard this mix, it's one of the standouts in the series and is perhaps the best introduction to the dub techno sound.

Originally issued at 128 kbps, here's the scoop (from the label, pretty sure from Steve himself) on this rip:

"I took it right from [the] hard drive...and converted it from an AIFF to a 320 MP3 using Pro Tools, I don't think there is a better way."
May just be dub techno's Goa Mix, this style of music at its peak as it veered off into new directions leaving imitators in the dust.

So, by request and for your listening pleasure, straight from the Echospace archives...



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