Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Hit List

Most of these are available but in lower quality rips.  They've been floating around for a long time. Better than nothing but still...

There's a donation button on the left if interested.  Or, if anyone happens to have better rip rates or even the physical medium available, feel free to share or, if reasonably priced, sell.

Update: down to two at the moment. The previous list has been dwindled down due to generous folks and some substantial investments which may eventually see the light of day here.

Secrets of Zen (Japanese Chillout Vol. 1)  (2006)

Currently available only as a v2 VBR rip.

Last sold on April 24, 2012 - $27.86 average

Worth 9 GB


Salt Tank - The 4th Way (2000)

Currently unavailable on the web.

No sales history.

Worth 45.08 GB



  1. DC15 -

  2. Thanks for the link. Pretty sure this is the one that's a transcode.

    The goal is do a FLAC rip right from the CD with a log for pedigree.

  3. that japanese zen album you can get from amazon-germany for around $15.67 us dollars, inc shipping.

  4. Next $20 that comes in I may just pick that up if it's still there. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Hey man,
    Are you still needing a decent version of "Various - Depth Perception Vol. 1 [PRO-CD01] 2008" or have you now secured a copy?
    I have a 320kbps copy here. Enjoy

  6. Hey DB, thanks for the offer. I have a 320 rip, which is cool.

    Looking to get my hands on the actual CD to get an archival FLAC rip with proper EAC log.

    Got some guys out there with copies holding out at ridiculously high prices so I'm trying to drive prices down, if you catch my drift. ;-)