Saturday, August 27, 2011

Echospace in the mailbox...

No new music here, just a little bundle of joy to share.  Deepchord presents Echospace's The Coldest Season was one of 2007's highlights and brought the deep underground sound of Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell into the spotlight.  They continue to turn out amazing releases.

It was originally issued as a four part series of 12" vinyl records.  A few days ago I stumbled across this find at discogs being sold "for one of the artist from Echospace, they are brand new and still sealed but from the original pressing..." 

For good measure, the CV313 "Seconds to Forever [Extended Live Version]" was tossed in.  It does not have a sticker indicating that it is one of the 200 from the limited release but it is a new digipak and still sealed and it's right from the label.

Not much gets my heart racing these days but the feeling upon opening up this package brought quite a little rush.

So, for your listening pleasure...

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  1. awesome find! and many a thanks for introducing me to rod modell. been one of my favorite additions to the music keg these last couple years.