Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Is Home Entertainment

(320 kbps)

(v0 VBR ~245 kbps)

(v0 VBR ~245 kbps)

Some "illbient" sounds from Brooklyn running the gamut from funk to ambient to things that just defy categorization. 

I could listen to this stuff all day...


  1. i can still see that illbient post on my rss reader. looks interesting (as does this one). there is a link issue with "land of baboon volume 1 an illclectic c.rar" mediafire is having some errors on that one for the past day.

    oh, and thx for the heads up on the mnmlmsg mixes. haven't been to that site in quite a while. need to remedy that. good stuff for sure!

    take care!

  2. Finally got to it. Let me know if it works for ya'.

    mnmlssgs is such a great site. I've been chatting with Anders Peterson for a while now, buying up pretty much everything he puts his hands on.

    Good stuff, cool guy. Definitely worth supporting.

    Hope all is well!

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  4. derr, previous post was garbled

    yep, got the baboon comp to d/l finally. thank you! mediafire is weird sometimes. still one of the best, but whatever.

    and holy shit, i listened to those other two illbient comps by dj olive and they are killer. heard a bunch of sub dub, who i got into many years ago. i'll have to rip this one sub dub album. it was sold to me as "the heaviest bass that they had ever heard" and i have to say, they might be right. that album is gold. this one:

    yea, lemme know if you haven't heard it and i'll post it up tomorrow. several songs are on those comps.

  5. Definitely killer...I liked it so much I picked up the first BBQ Beets on vinyl.

    Sub Dub is legend in the bass world. Most of their stuff I have on various comps.

    I've heard of the album you mentioned but don't have it. Feel free to contribute, would love to test the speakers.

  6. here's that sub dub:

    and a few of those (and it would probably be more appropriate to post this there) illbient comps reminded me (and i think a few tracks were used in...) a mix that i hadn't thought of in YEARS. back when message boards were a bigger deal in my life. this guy's mixes were passed around, much like all of our mixes, but this one stood out the most. this was 2005, dubstep was nonexistent, wobble was only being done by aphrodite, and that was different, by all concerned. this mix blew me away, in the fact that i had never heard anything like it before. it wasn't dnb, nor downtempo-ish stuff. this was WAY darker and dirtier.

    so, i was listening to those comps you posted, and i struggled to remember what mix i heard this attitude from, and i finally figured it out... Bushby - Shock Treatment. found which dvd-r i had hid it and am listening to it now with renewed enthusiasm. some fucking gold tracks to be certain.

    01. Kenji Kawai - Dungeon [JVC Victor]
    02. Digital Mystikz - CR7 Chamber [Rephlex]
    03. Toasty - Like Sun [Hot Flush]
    04. DJ Distance - Dark Crystal [Boka]
    05. Dub Child - Roll Dat Shit [Storming Productions]
    06. Dub Child - Walk & Live [Storming Productions]
    07. Search & Destroy - Wavescape [Storming Productions]
    08. Warlock - In The Pit [Rag & Bone]
    09. Vex'd - Ghost [Subtext]
    10. Blackmass Plastics - Wax o­n Wax Off [Rag & Bone]
    11. Vex'd - Function [Drum+Breaks]
    12. October - Dub Junglism (Vex'd Remix) [Z-Audio]
    13. Noyeahno - The Drum [Dirty Needles]
    14. Vex'd - Canyon [Subtext]
    15. Search & Destroy - Desperate Measures [Storming Productions]
    16. DJ Controlled Weirdness - The Funky Cunt [Dirty Needles]
    17. Anti-Pop Consortium - Ghostlawns (LFO Rik Waller Remix) [Warp]

    Compiled and mixed by John Bushby o­n 25 February 2005.
    Equipment used: 2 x Technics SL1200 MK2, 1 x Pioneer CDJ1000 & a Vestax PCV275 mixer.

  7. Hey aorto! long time no talk.

    I have the first one of these, but somehow missed the next two, so thanks a lot!


  8. Thanks so much for this - I have wanted volume 3 for years. This is a fantaastic blog! I'm trying to get the compilation "Cosmic Forces of Mu", any chance of posting it? Thx!