Monday, April 25, 2011

Used Kids Records - Columbus, Ohio

Just got back from a weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Just a quick getaway but did manage to find a little time to check out Used Kids Records (a vinyl mainstay for a long time...) and some other smaller shops. Was really surprised that Urban Outfitters had a selection of new vinyl. Guess vinyl is kind of, dare I say it, trendy? There is great irony in this because your hardcore vinyl folks are, in general, not exactly hip.

Anyhow, found a few gems for a buck a piece:

- Enigma 12" to add to my vinyl copy of MCMXC a.D.
- a copy of a Red 7 album I didn't even know existed
- a 12" promo of Underworld before they became "cool"
- a vinyl copy of Indio's Big Harvest (this received some press after Eddie Vedder covered the track "Hard Sun" in the movie Into the Wild)

Kinda fun but it's primarily a "classic rock" kind of store with limited selection of new, non-mainstream stuff. I suppose that's the point of digging.

Did see, and passed on, a copy of Mumford & Sons' stunning Sigh No More.

And, finally, just before leaving on the trip, received this little beauty from Murcof:


  1. nice haul. how is that murcof? i'll probably have to get that.

    can't go wrong with old underworld and enigma.

    and yes, vinyl is trendy. has been growing(!) in sales for the past few years. i am a fan, but then, always have been.

  2. Keven,

    Godo to hear from you. Haven't listened to it yet, want to see the movie first (haven't had the time to do that yet...).

    Couple of more gems on the way - Johann Johannsson's new one and Moby's new one.

    Been a vinyl fan forever but have recently bought more new vinyl than in the past decade alone.

    Lovin' it...though the girlfriend is not so much...

    Hope the family is well!