Sunday, July 10, 2016

Biko (Live At The Blossom Music Center), 1986

His album IV was remastered and re-issued in 2015. As my Fiio is able to play lossless, the sound in 24/96 Hz is incredible. I've been on a binge revisiting the album and have stumbled across some documentaries and factoids surrounding its making.

It was a before/after moment when I picked it up on cassette at 14 years old in 1982 and digested it by playing over and over until I knew every word, every note and every sound. Took me right out of my suburban naivete and into the world at large and was part of my trajectory away from the world of rock music.

His 1986 tour introduced me to Youssou N'Dour and, unknown to me, I was at the very show from which this audio was taken. I actually was in a cast at the time and recorded it with a Walkman I sneaked in under the sling (crappy recording but still listenable now, sadly, long gone in the moves of life).

In light of recent events, this just seemed fitting.

From what I recall, the chanting went on for a long time, the entire venue in unison.

How far we've come, how far we haven't.

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