Thursday, November 21, 2013

variant - thru the cosmos [ison + spica] 44​:​41 (2013)

In anticipation of the new echospace DVD sound library (with a new exclusive variant track), this one just dropped on bandcamp. For those of us who have been waiting with anticipation this was offered up as a gift today.

Live recording reflecting on perhaps the most anticipated astronomical event of the year as Comet ISON makes its way toward the sun, in just a few days it will be the closest proximity to it and should be something worth gazing up at the sky and reflecting on the time, space continuum. By Christmas day, the comet will take its brightest form illuminating the night sky helping us to remember how mystical and magical the universe really is as this comet crosses paths with spica. The recording was made in reflection of this event and meant to score as a soundtrack to it and the constellation of mystical events occurring in the depths of space. 
The content recorded here was made entirely and exclusively using the soon to be published, "echoes in space" DVD sound library. Given the current state and delay on orders we wanted to give a little something back to all you patient fans eagerly awaiting your new music. Most of the releases have been expedited from manufacturing and will be shipping shortly. Enjoy and thanks so much for the world of support!"

Free download but, as always, please do your best to give genuine support.

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