Monday, November 25, 2013

Sensible Soccers - Sofrendo Por Voc (2013)

A couple of days ago I experienced bliss while listening to a mix from a group I had never heard of before, one of those rare moments of ecstasy that only music can bring, removing me from my immediate cares and carrying me away in the groove. The original post and mix can be found here.

Thanks to ltjbukum for pointing me in the right direction.

Found a link to the download for the song in question. It's a 'Name Your Price' deal but chip in some support. A little goes a long way.  You can find it here (but the live version is awesome).

Their bandcamp page is here.


  1. wow, thank you so much for posting about our music! we also did a video for this song. it's a somewhat dadaistic piece of nonsense but we always have good laugh with it :)

    the new album will be out in a couple of months, stay tuned!


  2. Thanks for the comment. Really dig it, glad to support it.

    Looking forward to the new album. If you read this, drop me a line when it's coming due and I'll promote it here.