Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Robbie Robertson ‎– Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy (1998)

One of my favorite albums as of late.

His Music for Native Americans has long been one of my favorite albums.

This one, however, has lately been coming to the forefront of my shuffle mixes and continues to stand out as a pleasant surprise.

While the Native American focus is still dominant, this one has embraced an electronic/trip hop kind of feel and the lyrics have taken on a heavier, more mystical/mysterious flare interspersed with some political fare as well (the song 'Sacrifice' is about and features a soundbyte from Leonard Peltier).

High recommendation, great for late night drives.




  1. nice. i like this one. tho, i haven't heard it in awhile. i can throw you this release if you want it: http://www.discogs.com/Redboy-Contact-From-The-Underworld/release/90700 it's been awhile since i've heard it, but i liked it a lot. i got into robbie because of 'storyville' and i was a huge u2 fan back in the day and i heard bono & co were on it. i'm okay with that start. got me into daniel lanois' first album too, which is also stunning. i can throw that your way too.

    btw, i'm still glad you are keeping on doing your thing. take care dude!

  2. Kevin,

    Great to see you're still around!

    Would love to hear all of the above (noticed Howie B's name on the Redboy EP).

    Not working the cushy weekend gig that allowed me countless hours of blogging but as long as it's still fun I'll be here... listening... seeking... blogging.

  3. Sorry to be off topic...dont understand not seeing the connection earlier, but any chance a blog follower is in the Ukraine right now for the Euro 2012? Could maybe snag your Got Music? hoodie for you- wish I thought of this a month ago...

  4. i'll up those albums in the next week man. stayin pretty busy right now. bummer on the not working weekends dealio. :)

  5. sorry, got busy with stuffs.

    here's those albums. i went back with rapidshare.



    take care, man.