Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raudive ‎– Chamber Music (2010)

Another hidden gem.

Hard to categorize this one.  Techno, definitely, but there's a manipulated "classical" vibe that seems to permeate this one though not in the usual way.

It's quite different than the usual techno fare, well worth some head space.

Here's a snippet of a review from dustedmagazine:

Affection for the many shades of darkness that permeate the minimal end of electronic music is what ultimately unites these songs – and the Raudive aesthetic – on Chamber Music, which turns out to be less a musical idea than a spatial one. Despite plenty of negative space in these songs, the emptiness often feels claustrophobic or insular. Appropriately, this is music that can work well in the vast expanses of a club well as nestled at home in the comfort of your headphones.



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