Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I went back to Mexico (for work, not fun) again...

Perfect opportunity to put the mp3 on shuffle and see what happens.

So, with a pair of noise cancelling headphones (cannot recommend these enough for air travel), I did and decided to log it.

Over the course of the trip, found some gems buried on the mp3 that I'd never heard before.  Some old, some new and some songs ripped out of the context of the mixes in which they are so well known.

Usually, I'll put on a long player and try and get lost in a certain ambience but this was kinda fun having the mood altered so frequently and in so many different styles.  Plus it removes the difficulty of choosing what to listen to with 80 GB to choose from...

Been really, really busy so not so focused on the blog as of late but have still been virtual digging.  Lots and lots of good stuff out there.  Hopefully, you'll find something new here.

Anyhow, here's the first leg of the journey:


Shoot me some comments if you're interested in the entire trip files (separated by legs of the journey).


P.S. "Harmonic Mean" is off Tripswitch's Geometry album.  Not sure why this didn't show up...

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