Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mixmaster Morris & Jonah Sharp - Quiet Logic (1998)

This collaboration between Mixmaster Morris (aka Irresistible Force) and Jonah Sharp (aka Spacetime Continuum) is everything you'd expect and then some.

Why is this so very out of print?




  1. I think a buddy gave me a CD-R burn of this direct from a "real" disc.

  2. Feel free to share. Maybe your buddy is feeling extra generous this time of year?

  3. Found the cd-r. I can rip at 320. Never used a rip log before, but assume I can find the details on how to do that with EAC. Should I just post the link to the 320 here in the comments?

  4. Not sure if ripping a 320 Cd-r in EAC using another 320 rip means more data loss or not. Interesting question...

    Or would it need ripped as a FLAC file to prevent further loss?

    May have to dig in to that a little more!

  5. Found the answer (see #6 in the link):

    Do not convert lossy (e.g. 320) to lossy. Pretty much unanimous. Only a FLAC file would keep the data at 320.

    You may know that, just thought the spectrum snapshots were interesting.

  6. stunning piece of music, beautiful sumi-e cover art. may need to get me a copy