Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shades of Love (1989)

Haven't posted any 'classic rock' type stuff here in quite some time (probably because I don't listen to it any more...).

Been cleaning out the archives in my basement, getting ready to unload a bunch of CDs (Goodwill, ebay, haven't decided yet...) and wanted to place them in the public archives. 

Old compilation from Silver Eagle Records, now defunct, purveyor of, in hindsight, all things schmaltz.

For the longest time I was into "mellow" tunes, creating illusions of what love should be based on sappy love songs such as these (though 'Black Water' and some others on here are odd choices for love songs).  I'd drive around at night for hours on end creating a false sentimentality that could never be.

However, if you dig tunes from the 70s and early 80s, this is a great compilation.

This isn't the usual download (hint: see post below) 'cause I'm too lazy to rip it to an mp3 and upload but with this file (hint: just under 1 GB) you'll never need to buy the CDs and you can choose your kbps.



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