Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Yammouni Files (1992)

Richard Grant, the genius behind the I + T = R graphics of the Dorobo label and its artists has commented on several of my posts here.  He's posted some great information and is currently upping some video at vimeo and youtube.  Check out the comments in the Loggerhead and Dorobo Comp posts.

Though this is listed as "Not On Label" it is basically a Dorobo compilation.  Discogs lists that only 40 of these were released.  I saw one listed for sale online several months back but could never find contact information.

If anyone finds a copy for sale, let me know, I am looking to buy, though I'd settle for a digital copy.  Something about the tangible artifact is appealing.

Anyhow, just putting the request out there if anyone stumbles across it.  It's been eluding me for years.

Here is the discogs listing...


  1. i had a copy of this but lost it (and a bunch of other rare cassettes) in the move to Sydney many years ago, darrin also put out two other cassettes of Industrial and Industrial ambient for a PBS benefit about a year later. I have the Industrial one I will hopefully put it up at some point. I remember this release being quite good - i'll see if Darrin has a copy. by the way Darrin is uploading stuff at the moment on youtube as well:

  2. Thanks again for the update!.

    Really, really appreciate the effort and really enjoying the "new" sounds!

    Be happy to promote this stuff any way I can.