Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Salt Tank ‎– Head Straight For The Salt Tank Mix (2000)

Still plugging away here at HTCIS. Getting harder and harder to find that balance between harder to find or sleeper gems that are not overly nostalgic and not drowning in the overwhelming amount of music being released daily.

This one took a while to track down but these guys put out some incredible tracks during the heyday of the 'trance' sound before it devolved into mere formula and raves became tourist attractions. This release features remixes they did for other artists during this fertile period of time. Dig in to the roster and follow the leads and discover the beauty.

For those who were there this will take you right back to what made those times special. For those who may not have been there this will take you back to a time when this sound was unique and new.


  1. Wow, nice find! Yep, totally brings me back. Especially the Orbital, PvD and Chakra songs. I played that Chakra remix so many times when it came out! And I hadn't heard that Astralasia 7 Pointed Star remix before. I don't think I can recall Salt Tank doing a drum n bass remix before. Digging the whole thing!

  2. Yea, love the sound these guys produced. It's funny but I listen to this stuff not in a 'sentimental' way because it still resonates today. Good stuff!

  3. Such a great band... everything was brilliant from them. Thanks so much. Trying to find a copy of "Li-Lo" since I don't have $170 lying around... :)