Saturday, April 4, 2015

London Roundhouse. England 28.02.2008

A few years back there was a series of live albums, many released almost immediately following the shows. Some dude on discogs hit me up almost as soon as I added this one to my want list. £250? 

Let's just say it's no longer in my want list nor does it need to be in yours.

All are essential.

An edited version of the opening night show in Bristol we attended is up.

Rick Smith was ill (as you'll hear Karl mention in the video) so Darrin Price manned the controls. Will always wonder if it would have made any difference but this music still sounds just as good after all these years.

Hoping there'll be a 20th for Second Toughest so we can have an excuse to travel the globe again.



  1. Wow, you went to Bristol for this show??? I haven't seen them in years. How was the show?!?! I don't think I recall you mentioning this on the blog. Do you have any of the other shows? I've been not keeping track of this band lately as much as I used to. I'm on the email list, but i haven't bothered with the dl's because i've been busy.

    Darren Price is solid. I have his "Under the Flightpath" album that I can find in my stash and rip/send to you. I read years ago that he had done a bunch of opening for them, so that's why I tracked it down. Late nineties techno that is dark and somewhat noir. I really liked it. I should find that cd in my storage unit and rip it, it's been years since i've heard it.

  2. Nice to hear from you, hope you and the family are well!

    Not sure I mentioned it here or not as it was pretty crazy leading up to the trip. This event the impetus to get us moving on something we'd been stalling on for months/years. It was quite the adventure on many levels.

    The show was excellent and greatly entertaining. I was never able to catch them live in their heyday so this was pure joy. The guys run a professional outfit and the music was tight.

    I'll have to check out Darrin's solo stuff as I'm not familiar with it. If I didn't know it was him, I wouldn't have known it was him.

    I've got the other shows as well and have been looping them for days. Takes me to that happy place.